Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Into the limelight by surprise

Megan DeMarco - who works with the Jersey Journal newspaper - came across my blog entries about training in Bayonne, and contacted me for details about my Marathon preparation. She has posted about my marathon preparation on the Bayonne Now blog.

I am glad to receive some attention for my efforts in this context!

An off-shoot of this event is that I have committed myself to run in the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday Nov 23.

Previously I had been uncommitted about which Marathon I was training for - telling myself I would decide on the go; as and when I am ready to run a marathon, I will, etc.

My original intention to run in the Self Transcendence Marathon on Aug 22 had fallen by the wayside sometime ago when I did not passionately persist with Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Plan after my first 7 mile run.

Now that I have bookmarked Nov 23rd as the date for my first Marathon, I have enough time to prepare for it, while allowing for a few days / weeks slack in training.

Philadelphia based Sunil is going to accompany me in one of the races on Nov 23rd - thats a bonus!

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Kumar Basavaraju said...

Oh! Awesome, Great..... Congrats dear friend, May the miles you cover bring the smiles all around you. All our best wishes for you.
Surely this will be the inspiration to many more people and runners to take up these sort of goals and lead to them accomplish better goals. And what can I say I am proud to have such a friend and consider me your first Fan dear. Wishing you the best as always.