Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back to Running & back to Watchung for a 8 miler

After Thursday's shorter run, and a rest day on Friday, today too seemed to be ending up as a no-or-not-enough-running-day.

Getting home late yesterday night, and an ineffective alarm due to a muted cellphone ensured that I got up late for the 4 mile run in Central Park. Siva and Sridevi participated in the Run for Central Park 4M race and did wonderfully well, finishing in 42:00 and 48:55 minutes respectively.

Tried running in LSP in the morning, but the warm weather - and a lack of resolve - put an end to these aspirations.

The day got better with Raju answering my call to go running together; he was willing to go running today evening. Awesome! We went to Watchung Reservation with an intention of running 9 miles, and started running along one of the trails along the stream - took new paths which took us to the eastern end of the reservation - the intersection of I-78 and Summit Avenue. We headed back and stopped at the car for a drinks break after running 4.5 miles. We continued to run afterwards - with a little difficulty - and stopped at 8 miles after 1 hour 49 minutes.

Great run! I am happy to be back running!

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