Friday, October 31, 2008

5.1 miles in 55 minutes in the Gym

Put aside many other things and focused on getting back to running.

Got back home straight from work - picked up dinner on the way - and went to the Gym and started running by 8:00 PM. With a Gatorade bottle in hand! Took a drinks break at around half way through.

The running was easy; felt comfortable and energized through out the run.

Planning for a 20 mile run on Monday, after being in the second week-end of the Introduction Leaders Program. Have taken Monday off from work - to do the long run, recover, catch up on a few stuff. The 20 mile run will be the longest I will run before the Philadelphia Marathon on 23rd November. Thrilled about it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 miles in 44 minutes on the treadmill

After more than three weeks break, got back to running today with a 4 mile run in the Gym. The rain and cold weather made it difficult to run outside. Nevertheless was glad to be running in the Gym on the treadmill. The three weeks break seemed to have made me really out of touch.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, there is less than a month for the Philly Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

18 miles in 3h 38m in LSP today morning

Ahhhhh, I ache all over! Put myself through an 18 mile run for the first time today morning, and it shows up in every part of my body :-)

After prepping myself mentally for a week (since finishing the Grete's Gallop Half-Marathon last Saturday) I was still very nervous and scared as I made my way to Liberty State Park this morning. Couldn't help laugh at the notion that I would be running for four hours today!

Started the run a little before 8:00 AM and completed a little before 11:40 AM. Had plans to start earlier - maybe around 6:30 AM or 7:00 AM - but was glad that it was 8:00 AM by the time I started as it was very chilly today morning. The temperatures were in the mid-50s and the Sun was just rising at that time.

The first three miles were a pain as with the last week's run. After that it became much easier to run. Started from the Parking lot close to the Columbus Monument, and ran along the various paved running paths in the park, always making sure that I come back to the Parking lot (and my car) every 2 to 3 miles. My car was stuffed with Gatorade bottles and some stuff for me to snack on and continue refreshed.

Completed the half marathon distance in 2h 36 minutes, which was much slower than last week's run.

The last three or four miles were a drag; just kept going - telling myself it is only a 5K I have to cover!

3h 38m was much better than I expected of my first shot at an 18 miler. I guess my first shot at the marathon distance will be a similar experience as well. One big difference would be that the watching crowd and fellow runners will motivate me to do much better at the Philly Marathon!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Three miles in 29 minutes

After a busy week, and taking the day off to recover today, got back to running. Went running in the evening at the running track in the Bayonne Park. Was aiming for a faster run today, and was able to achieve a sub-ten-minute-per-mile pace for the three miles run.

As I build up to the Marathon run on Nov 23rd, I may not be able to spend too much time running during the week days, but it would definitely be possible to put in these kinds of short three mile runs 3 or 4 times during the week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grete's Gallop half marathon in 2h and 16m

Terrific performance!! I am proud of my result today!!

Completed the Grete's Gallop half marathon in 2 hours and 16 minutes, shaving off a good 10 minutes from my previous best of 2 hours 26 minutes at the Queens Half Marathon three weeks ago!

From the way it started and even into the first two miles of the race, it did not look anything like it was going to end this way.

Started the day by oversleeping - shutting down my wake up alarm - and rushing to Central Park with barely enough time to get dressed for the race. Had to take my car into the City as there was very little time, and using the public transportation was out of the question.

Reached the starting point at 9:16 - 16 minutes later than the start time, and the organizers had already removed the start mat. So effectively my start time was noted down as 9:00 AM.

Did not have time to have breakfast! How could I do anything without toasted bagel and coffee to start the day with?!!

Also, did not have time to stretch and warm up - dove right into the race. The first two miles were really tough - my legs (particularly the left one) felt very heavy, and the thoughts of quitting flashed through my mind more than once.

After the second or third mile marker, after having a glass of gatorade, and getting inspired by the runners who were coming up along side me after completing the first round, I got into the race fully and felt I was much lighter. The stiffness in my legs were gone, and I could go faster in some of the stretches. I might have completed a couple of miles at 9:30 minutes per mile pace!

Coming up to 2 hours on my clock, I was comfortably placed to beat my previous best having covered 11 and half miles with just one and a half miles to go.

Got to the finish line with my clock showing 2h and 16m, and I was ecstatic!!

This performance augurs well for my preparation for the first marathon!! Exactly Seven weeks to go, and I am confidant about ramping up my abilities to be able to complete a full marathon of 26.2 miles in Philadelphia on Nov 23!