Sunday, July 13, 2008

8 mile run in 1:28

Ran 8 miles today morning in Central Park, the first 6.2 miles being part of the Park to Park 10K. Completed the 10K in 1:07:16 - my personal best for this distance, beating the 1:15:02 I accomplished on Mar 30th at the Scotland Run 10K.

After running non-stop the entire 10K distance, I lost steam and found it difficult to run further towards my goal of finishing 10 mile for the first time. Completed the 8 miles to equal last Sunday's long run effort. The time of 1:28 for 8 mile was a huge improvement over the 1:46 last week. The 10K race component made it for improved timing this Sunday.

Sri ran her first ever event, and did extremely well to finish the race in 1:20!! Awesome!!

I am inspiring many of my friends to take up running - makes me very proud! Krishnan ran 10K yesterday in Delhi, 5K as part of the run organized by Rahul Verghese's RunningAndLiving, and 5K on the treadmill. His 5K timing is very close to my best time!

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