Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Four miles in 42:21 at Lincoln Park

Started the week with a four mile run at Lincoln Park. Was not feeling like running today and my legs were stiff to begin with, but persisted and completed the intended 4 miles. Took a walking break after 2 miles; normally would not have done that, but given today's physical and mental state, I was ok with the break.

I have not been devoting enough time to stretch before and (particularly) after running over the past few days, and that is showing up as stiff legs before starting. Today, I spent 15 minutes stretching after running - does seem to make a difference; my body feels much lighter and flexible.

I had got good pointers on how to stretch when I worked out with Dr. Ashis Roy; Rahul Verghese too has a very informative article on stretching on the RunningAndLiving web-site.

I will follow a regular routine for stretching after the run from now on. That would ensure I do the required stretching exercises and not avoid doing it - especially when I am with someone in an effort at looking good.

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