Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why 2008 Self Transcendence Marathon?

I spent a few hours early this week exploring the marathon calendar for USA, and decided on running the Self Transcendence Marathon on Friday 22 Aug 2008 in Nyack NY.

Originally I intended to run a Marathon in December around Christmas. On reading the reviews about various Marathons on the web-site, I was impressed with the user comments about the Self Transcendence Marathon.

Additionally, what made me choose this marathon is the Indian-ness of the event, and the fact that the race is nine loops along the same path.

I am sure having Sanskrit incantations (this is a Sri Chinmoy Race!)  and Indian faces in the crowd will make me more at home in my first Marathon.

The race being multiple loops also is a positive factor for me as I see it as a possible way to get myself to complete - telling myself I can stop at any point should I not feel like it! I am counting on Terrain-familiarity to pull me through the 7th, 8th and 9th rounds!

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