Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4 mile in 47:27 minutes on the Newport riverfront

Ran 4 miles in 47:27 minutes today morning on the riverfront jogging path in Newport / Exchange place in Jersey City.

Sri accompanied me for the first three miles of the run, before heading home to prepare for going to work. Great to have company while running! Makes it easier to persist in running over a long period of time. Sri too got something out of it - for the first time she ran 3 miles non-stop in 37 odd minutes.

I wiill make it a habit to run regularly with friends in Jersey City over the next few months - that is likely to keep my marathon preparation lively and exciting. In addition to Sri, the other friends who are likely to accompany me in running in Jersey City are Amrit (a beginner runner), Siva (a beginner-intermediate runner), Harish (more of an intermediate runner) and Raju (a good runner who hasn't been running too much lately).

Newport waterfront, Society Hill Complex, Liberty State Park, Bayonne Park, Central Park and Lincoln Park are likely to see me and my friends running frequently over the next few months!

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