Sunday, July 13, 2008

24 miles of running this week

Clocking in at 24 miles for the week! I had ramped up my running efforts this week after realizing I am very close to run my first half-marathon.

The 24 miles breakdown is as follows : Tuesday 4 miles; Wednesday 5 miles; Thursday 4 miles; Saturday 3 miles and Sunday 8 miles.

I am not fit enough to be doing this week in and week out. This effort itself was very tiring, and I could put in this many hours of running mainly as I am not holding down a full time job now. Once I am back in the grind, it will be difficult to put in as much mileage.

Given my commitment to running a marathon by the year end, I am sure I will figure out ways to train regularly and finish strongly at my first marathon.

One decision I made earlier today is to not run in the NYC half-marathon on July 27th for which I have signed up. I had already signed up for the Communication - Power to Create course at Landmark Education during that week-end, and I am choosing now to participate in the Communication course, and skip the NYC half-marathon. I will choose to run in my first half-marathon a few weeks later.

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