Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Less than seven weeks for my first marathon!

Nov 23rd is just 53 days away!!! OMG!!!

According to the recommended training for marathons, I should have run at least one run of 16 miles or more by now - seven weeks out. The longest run I have done so far is a half marathon distance. Not all that bad!


My goal for the first marathon is to finish, and finish FIT. It would be great if I can complete the full marathon in 4 and a half hours, but it is not a must. I will be happy just finishing even if it takes six hours!

I should be able to do it easily with systematic training over the next seven weeks, with greater emphasis on the long runs over the week-ends. I will be able to run at least on 5 of the 7 remaining week-ends. Also could take a couple of days vacation from work to fit in some running.

So definitely not an impossible task!

Tentative plan for long runs in the next seven week-ends:
  • Weekend Six - Saturday Oct 11th : 18 mile run
  • Weekend Six - Sunday Oct 11th : Volunteering at the Staten Island half marathon and getting inspired by the runners
  • Weekend Five - Oct 18th and 19th : No running possible; will be at Landmark "Reinventing the Enterprise" event
  • Weekend Five - Monday Oct 20th : A possible day off from work : 12 mile run
  • Weekend Four - Saturday Oct 25th : 15 mile run
  • Weekend Three - Saturday Nov 1st : 20 Mile run! (This means I will not be in the Fall Introduction Leaders Program!)
  • Weekend Two - Saturday Nov 8th : 12 Mile run
  • Weekend One - Saturday Nov 16th : 8 mile run
  • Weekend Zero - Sunday Nov 23rd : 26.2 miles at Philadelphia Marathon!!!!
  • Weekend Zero + 1 day : Monday Nov 24th : Back to normal life!

Looks good on paper. Now to make it happen for real!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quarter marathon in 1 hour 11 minutes in LSP

Ran 6.55 miles in 1 hour 11 minutes today morning at Liberty State Park.

Still having a hectic time at work and at Landmark, and hence could not run during the week. Got myself to go running today for sure!

The weather was very pleasant in the upper 60s - lower 70s all along. Did two loops of from the south end to the north and back. Stopped for a Gatorade after the first run. The run was quite tiresome, especially in the first loop when my legs felt heavy.

Next Sunday is the Newport Liberty Half Marathon; will most likely run an additional 2 miles with the half marathon to do my first 15 mile run!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Queens Half Marathon in 2 hours 26 minutes

Completed the Queens Half Marathon today morning in 2 hours and 26 minutes!!

Wasn't sure if I would be able to run well today given that I had run only once in the last two weeks, and also haven't had good sleep in a few weeks. Consequently I am thrilled to have achieved my goal of completing the marathon in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The early start at 7:00 AM meant I had to wake up at 4:15 AM to get ready and drive to MacNeil Park in Queens. I was quite motivated to get going today morning; easy traffic conditions ensured I was there at the start point way ahead of time. Turned out to be lucky as I got a partking spot very close to the start point. Got my number and speed chip, and had time to walk to the nearest Dunkin Donuts for a pre-race breakfast of Bagel with Cream Cheese and Coffee ;-)

The race was run through the residential area of College Point all through with the police blocking the roads for vehicular traffic; an unusual experience for me!

Met one interesting guy at the beginning of the race. He had dislocated his shoulder a month ago while racing against a colleague who had challenged him by saying "he is too fat to outpace him". This guy has been running the Queens Marathon for the last 9 years continuously and was here to keep his streak alive! I didn't wait at the end to see if he finished though.

The weather was pleasant to begin with and started to get hotter after a while. There were fluid stations at every even mile-marker. I stopped at each one to get a glass of gatorade and pour a glass of water on my head.

The 'band-aid-method' to cover my nipples while running did not work out today. I put on the band-aids after I had warmed up and sweated a bit; consequently they did not stick and fell off within the first two miles. Took off my shirt and ran without a shirt on for the rest of the distance to avoid bleeding.

Today's run was a thoroughly enjoyable run. It gives me confidence that I can finish strongly at the Philadelphia Marathon later this year, with regular long runs over the weekends till Nov 23rd!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Five miles in 57 odd minutes in LSP

Got back to running after the monster half-marathon last week. Legs are still sore, and mind and body unwilling. Unmotivated to run as I realize I am not in ship-shape to run the Queens Half-Marathon next Sunday, and also quite likely to not do well at the Philadelphia marathon.

Well, too bad I seem to be stuck in a rut!

Ran 5 Miles today morning in Liberty State Park, and now I feel good about it. It was not easy while running; wanted to give up many times; took walking breaks and completed 5 miles. My body seems to be warming up to the idea of long-running. I will have to run regularly this week to be in a good shape for the Queens Half-Marathon next week.

My goal for the half-marathon next week: To complete it in less than two and a half hours.