Monday, July 21, 2008

5 mile run in sweltering heat

The plan I put for this week in my previous post almost got derailed on the first day itself! Slept late yesterday night having been absorbed in Doris Kearns Goodwins's Team of Rivals and was too late to wake up and was not in a mood to run early in the morning. As the day wore, got bogged down by the non-progress on the RunWalkIndia efforts, and was in a general depressive mood.

Finally around 2:00 PM convinced myself that no matter how things are going, I should not give up on my own promise to myself, and hence set out to run 5 miles. Since it was very hot (temperature in the upper 90s) decided to drive all the way to Watchung reservation and run in the comparatively cooler and shaded trails.

Completed the 5 miles run - with a lot of stops and starts - in one hour and four minutes. While I didn't spend time on stretching either before or after the run, I walked almost a mile after finishing the run and that seems to have had the intended loosening effect on my legs.

Going to bed early today - keeping away from the story of Lincoln and his peers - to be in integrity with my promise for tomorrow morning ;-)

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