Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 miles on a Don't-want-to-run day

Ran 5 miles in Bayonne Park today from 9:30 AM onwards. All through was thinking I will stop well short of 5 miles - maybe three miles or even four miles but no way five miles! However, continued to run mile after mile and finished 5 miles in 55:26 minutes.

Since I started rather late in the day, and it was a warm day, chose to run along the shaded parts of Bayonne Park for the most part. Ran on the running track for the last two miles - the running track being mostly open and being scorched by a bright sun.

Took one water break after running four miles.

Ever since Sunday's 10K race in Central Park, I am adding a sense of urgency in my running and am forcing myself to run faster than usual. Previously I used to run with the attitude that finishing is what matters, and hence was very slow at times - particularly over the latter part of longer runs. Now I try to push forward with pace even on the fourth or fifth mile and I am surprising myself by the effort I can put it despite being tired.

Actually what surprises me most is that running becomes easier after the first two or three miles! In the first couple of miles, my legs are stiff and running is a burden. I should add a mile's running as warm-up for future races. That way I am warmed up and ready to run when the race begins.

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