Sunday, June 8, 2008

6 Mile long run with Dr. Ashis Roy in 1:19

Met with India's Marathon man Dr. Ashis Roy today in Fairfax, VA and ran 6 Mile with him.

Dr. Roy - who has completed 82 marathons so far, and has been running consistently since 1982 - shared insights from his incredible experience in running. The 6 mile run itself was at a very slow pace - Dr. Roy going slow as he was running without kneecaps for the first time in few weeks, while I was keeping up with him and we were having a good conversation.

We took just one water break during the run, and we did the 2 mile running loop three times. I was surprised to be finishing this long distance run with relative comfort!

As per the training plan, I was supposed to run 9 Mile today. Given that I ended the 6 mile run today very comfortably, I will take this as the benchmark distance for this week, and adapt my training plan from this week onwards.

Yesterday, I took part in a river clean-up - organized by the Hackensack Riverkeeper organization - in Bayonne, and did quite a bit of rowing and moving stuff around - that was a decent cross-training for the week-end.

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