Sunday, June 1, 2008

4 Mile Japan Day Run plus 1 mile run in 56 minutes

Had a terrific run today!!

As per the training plan, I was supposed to go on a long run of 5 Miles this week-end. I signed up for the 4 Mile Japan Day run in Central Park, and decided to run an additional mile after the race.

The 4 mile run was awesome! I completed the race in 41:25 - my best time for a 4 mile distance, and the 10.21 minutes per mile pace is the best I have achieved in a race!

Unlike in the earlier races, in this race, I was neither carrying a backpack, nor was I stopping frequently to take pictures for the benefit my friends and RunWalkIndia associates in Bangalore.

I took four walking breaks - all on reaching the mile markers. I sprinted the last 50 meters of the race, finishing ahead of many people and in my best time. However, the sprint effort took heavily out of me, and I walked most of the next mile - taking almost 15 minutes to complete the last mile.

The 56 minutes for 5 miles too is my personal best!

I enjoyed immensely the three long runs I have had over the past three weekends. Looking forward to the 9 mile run next Saturday!

Next up - The NYRR 50th Anniversary run 5 Mile race on Wednesday June 4th at 5:30 AM!!


Kumar Basavaraju said...

Hey Prakash, Congrats and keep (s)miling , It would have been great if you took that extra effort to send us your wonderful running snaps for us at the race which you would add to our inspiration. Anyhow Good luck looking forward to run in some race to match your steps & shoulder to shoulder.

prakash murthy said...


If it is some kind of a special occasion, I will be taking time to stop and click pictures.

The NYRR web site has links to tons of photos and videos from all the events they conduct. Keep checking their media resources.