Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3.1 miles (5K) in 36:10 minutes

Ran a 5K within my community - Society Hill. Had taken a two day break from running since I ran with Dr. Roy on Sunday.

An important thing in today's run was that I ran all 3.1 miles of it without stopping or taking a walking break! Slowed down a bit to play with two kids along the way, but no scheduled break as in my previous runs.


I figured out a possible route for a 5K within our complex. I will try out a slightly modified route tomorrow - a route which will include a detour into a few inner streets, which will make it a full 5K distance from the beginning point to the end point - both of which are likely to be the Recreation Center at the Society Hill at Jersey City II complex.

It is amazing how naturally kids take to running.

The first kid I came across while running yesterday was Arpita - she was happy to see me - someone she already knew, and tried to run with me.

The second kid - around two year old Dion - was out walking with his grandfather, and though he has never seen me before, he just started jumping up and down with excitement as I came close to him in my jogging stride. Got to know the family is from Tamil Nadu; Dion gave his Grand-Dad quite a bit of working out by running with me for a few yards!

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