Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 5 Mile run in Central Park

Competed in the Father's Day 5 Mile run in Central Park today morning.

Got to sleep only by 1:30 AM yesterday night, and had to leave home by 6:30 AM today morning to be at the Race. Thought about not going for a while, but then the fact that I had promised to Gerd that I will be there inspired me to go for it. Met with Harish S on the way to the Park; we took a taxi together from WTC to the Park.

For the first time, I ran all 5 Miles without taking a walking break! Followed the slow run procedure I learned from Dr. Ashis Roy, and completed the race in a trot! The slow & continuous run method makes sense for these races; no point in taking a walking break in a 5M race, when my goal is to be running a Marathon in 4 - 5 months.

My time for the race - 53:08 minutes. That is quite likely my best time for a 5M distance!

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