Monday, May 19, 2008

1.5 hour mega workout!

As per the Novice training plan, today is a rest day.

I decided to treat it as the first training day of the week - to compensate for not running one day last week, as well as to accommodate the evening start in the Wall Street 5K tomorrow. Went to Bayonne Park in the evening, and ran 2 full miles on the running track there, and more than a mile in getting there and back.

On the way back, since it was already dusk, the authorities closed the walkway which connected the park to where my car was located. Trying to get to the car in an alternate route I ended up walking more than 45 minutes - finally walking back all the way home and then having Amrit drive me over to my car!

Everything in my body is aching! I have to ensure I park my car inside the Bayonne Park next time I go running very late in the day.

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