Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3.25 miles in 35:10 minutes at my community

Almost did not run today!

I was in the same situation as yesterday, leaving the running part to later in the evening , and almost winding up not having time to run before heading out on my other engagements. For a minute or so, I had eliminated the possibility of running today, and was on my way to declare a break down and start afresh from tomorrow. I probably would have gotten away with it as well earlier, but now I am made of sterner stuff!

All kudos to me - for my inventiveness - in turning the no-show to a spectacular 3.25 mile run by deciding to run in my community - right next to where I live, rather than go to the park.

Got out to run around 3:30 PM and ran through the streets of Society Hill - my gated community in Jersey City; treaded on many streets that I have never been on before!

A main motivation for me in running in my complex is to figure out if it is possible to organize a 5K race in my complex - a possibility I have been discussing with many people. The distance from one end to another is about a mile! It is possible to set up a route for a 5K by doubling up the path, and including many bypaths.

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