Thursday, May 22, 2008

Breakdown in training plan

The training schedule required me to go on a 3M run yesterday. I did not. It is a breakdown in my preparations for the first marathon. I let circumstances determine how I go about it. I am not proud of it! By not running the requisite miles this week, I am jeopardizing my preparations for my first marathon.

I will make adjustments to my training plan and go running 3M on Friday morning - an off day according to the Training Schedule. The Gym opens at 5:00 AM - I will be there by 5:30 AM to finish the 3M as early as possible, so that I have time to recover and run this week-end's long run of 7 miles on Saturday in the afternoon.

I am the possibility of being unstoppable!! I will prepare for the marathon - AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE, and not like AS I FEEL!!

Today, my semi-depressed mood because of the non-progress on my businesses, as well as the doubts about the presence of authenticity in many of my relationships - all undoubtedly started by the Vodka binge on Wednesday night with Edward S - made me postpone the plan to run the required 3M to later in the day, till I couldn't go running as it became too late.

I will go through with the trainings early in the day from now on!


sriks7 said...

Keep at it Prakash!!
You should be able to get back on track do lose heart of this setback.

And stay off alcohol till the marathon!

prakash murthy said...

Thanks Sri.

I am swearing off Alcohol till the marathon. It will make it easy to focus on the preparation.