Monday, August 4, 2008

9.3 miles on a lean week

Very little running last week! A 5K on Monday followed by a 10K on Tuesday.

Reasons, justifications, excuses, busy weekend - all resulted in not running after Tuesday. Nevertheless, the past few days have been of intense self-discovery and breakthroughs - very proud of myself! Have to re-commit to the goal of running a marathon this year, and get back to running and training regularly.

A few runs in the next few weeks of August:
  • A 10+ mile run in LSP this week.
  • A shorted run with friends at LSP on Sunday
  • A 12 mile+ run at Rockland Lake Park on Friday Aug 22nd accompanying Dr. Ashis Roy on his 85th Marathon
  • A half marathon - MY FIRST!! - at Virgil, NY on Sunday Aug 31st
Gotta make running a regular part of life....

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