Friday, August 22, 2008

9 Miles in 1 hour 55 minutes at Rockland Lake State Park

Accompanied Dr. Ashis Roy to the Self-Transcendence Marathon today at the Rockland Lake State Park.

Dr. Roy completed the marathon in 6:04
and won the special prize for being the oldest runner.

I ran 9 miles during the time Dr. Roy was running the marathon. I ran with him on his third round around the lake, but then found out that it was not a good idea to run with the participants of a race; for many reasons - one, it does not look good for the runner; two, there could be accusations of outsiders setting the pace for the runner.

While waiting for Dr. Roy to complete one lap around the lake - when I was to giving him Gatorade - I completed two sets of three miles to end up with 9 miles total mileage.

I have not been able to run much in the last week or two, mainly as I started a new job. I should be able to run more frequently from now on as I settle into a routine at work.

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