Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 miles in 32:07 minutes in the dark

Went running after a full day at work for the first time today.

Reached home around 7:00 PM; relaxed a bit and then went running at around 8:00 PM in Lincoln Park. The park was mostly dark. Ran along the streets under the street lights for a while and then circled around a closed loop a few times till it became boring. Continued exploring the park in the dark, and ran along the huge artificial lake in the park.

My legs were stiff all along, and hence was surprised to see that I had completed the 3 mile distance in 32:07 minutes.

The Monster Half-Marathon this Sunday is weighing in heavily on my mind. It is my first marathon, and is a very difficult one with a huge altitude gain. It is also supposed to be very hot and inhospitable trail. All this is making me worried about successfully completing the half- marathon.

I don't have to run it, if I don't want to. More important thing now is to be able to run healthy. I will try my best at the Monster Half-marathon, and focus fully on the Queens Half-marathon two weeks later.

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