Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grete's Gallop half marathon in 2h and 16m

Terrific performance!! I am proud of my result today!!

Completed the Grete's Gallop half marathon in 2 hours and 16 minutes, shaving off a good 10 minutes from my previous best of 2 hours 26 minutes at the Queens Half Marathon three weeks ago!

From the way it started and even into the first two miles of the race, it did not look anything like it was going to end this way.

Started the day by oversleeping - shutting down my wake up alarm - and rushing to Central Park with barely enough time to get dressed for the race. Had to take my car into the City as there was very little time, and using the public transportation was out of the question.

Reached the starting point at 9:16 - 16 minutes later than the start time, and the organizers had already removed the start mat. So effectively my start time was noted down as 9:00 AM.

Did not have time to have breakfast! How could I do anything without toasted bagel and coffee to start the day with?!!

Also, did not have time to stretch and warm up - dove right into the race. The first two miles were really tough - my legs (particularly the left one) felt very heavy, and the thoughts of quitting flashed through my mind more than once.

After the second or third mile marker, after having a glass of gatorade, and getting inspired by the runners who were coming up along side me after completing the first round, I got into the race fully and felt I was much lighter. The stiffness in my legs were gone, and I could go faster in some of the stretches. I might have completed a couple of miles at 9:30 minutes per mile pace!

Coming up to 2 hours on my clock, I was comfortably placed to beat my previous best having covered 11 and half miles with just one and a half miles to go.

Got to the finish line with my clock showing 2h and 16m, and I was ecstatic!!

This performance augurs well for my preparation for the first marathon!! Exactly Seven weeks to go, and I am confidant about ramping up my abilities to be able to complete a full marathon of 26.2 miles in Philadelphia on Nov 23!

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