Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Less than seven weeks for my first marathon!

Nov 23rd is just 53 days away!!! OMG!!!

According to the recommended training for marathons, I should have run at least one run of 16 miles or more by now - seven weeks out. The longest run I have done so far is a half marathon distance. Not all that bad!


My goal for the first marathon is to finish, and finish FIT. It would be great if I can complete the full marathon in 4 and a half hours, but it is not a must. I will be happy just finishing even if it takes six hours!

I should be able to do it easily with systematic training over the next seven weeks, with greater emphasis on the long runs over the week-ends. I will be able to run at least on 5 of the 7 remaining week-ends. Also could take a couple of days vacation from work to fit in some running.

So definitely not an impossible task!

Tentative plan for long runs in the next seven week-ends:
  • Weekend Six - Saturday Oct 11th : 18 mile run
  • Weekend Six - Sunday Oct 11th : Volunteering at the Staten Island half marathon and getting inspired by the runners
  • Weekend Five - Oct 18th and 19th : No running possible; will be at Landmark "Reinventing the Enterprise" event
  • Weekend Five - Monday Oct 20th : A possible day off from work : 12 mile run
  • Weekend Four - Saturday Oct 25th : 15 mile run
  • Weekend Three - Saturday Nov 1st : 20 Mile run! (This means I will not be in the Fall Introduction Leaders Program!)
  • Weekend Two - Saturday Nov 8th : 12 Mile run
  • Weekend One - Saturday Nov 16th : 8 mile run
  • Weekend Zero - Sunday Nov 23rd : 26.2 miles at Philadelphia Marathon!!!!
  • Weekend Zero + 1 day : Monday Nov 24th : Back to normal life!

Looks good on paper. Now to make it happen for real!

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