Monday, November 3, 2008

20 miles in 3h 53m at LSP

Ran 20 miles today afternoon! I am thrilled!

This is the longest run I have planned for before the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 23rd.

Started running a little after noon; the weather was cold and cloudy - the temperatures must have been in the mid 50s - upper 60s. Since I had to take care of the vehicle inspection earlier in the day, I could start only at noon. It was kind of odd time to start as it wasn't yet time for Lunch when I started, and it was too late for Lunch by the time I finished.

Had planned to run at 5 miles per hour pace every hour and complete the 20 mile distance in four hours. Some of the milestones along the way are as follows:
10 mile - 1h 48m
13.1 mile - 2h 27m
15 mile - 2h 51m
18 mile - 3h 30m

I was wearing two layers of shirts and a single layer shorts - it was pleasant enough in the weather, though at some places where it was windy, I could feel the chill. I am expecting similar weather for the Marathon on Nov 23rd in Philly which is further south from here.

My car was parked in the free visitor parking lot near the kid's play area and the Columbus monument. This place is in the center and allowed me to create my own 2-3-4 mile long stretches for running and get back to the car for Gatorade and some cookies.

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable run. Looking forward to the 26.1 mile run in 17 days!

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Kumar Basavaraju said...

Good going pal, Wish u happy running.